Monday, July 18, 2011

Witness a crime

Dear Alithia,

How are things? Thanks for your letter. I'm glad you're doing well. I hope everything is fine.

Well, two weeks ago, I was a witness to a mugging! While I was returning from my English school, I saw a lady crossing the main road. She was middle-aged, she had wrinkles and she was holding a bag. At the same time, I saw a young man around thirty who was behind her. He was wearing casual clothes and he was an ordinary man.

Suddenly, the young man tried to grab the lady's bag and she started screaming "Help! Help!" He pushed her and she fell down. At that moment, I panicked and I was shocked. I didn't know what to do. So, I decided to ask for help. I went to a nearby supermarket and all the assistants and the customers ran out to help the lady. Luckily, she wasn't seriously hurt. Later, we called an ambulance which took her to hospital. A policeman who was walking around the area heard the lady and caught the thief.

I was really scared because of this experience and I hope there won't be any other similar crimes. Anyway, write soon and give me everyone's news.

Best wishes,


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