Sunday, August 4, 2013

Microchip implants replacing ID cards

 There has been a lot of discussion recently concerning whether microchip implants are an effective substitute for identity cards. Some people are in favor of this idea as it would be easier to have your ID embedded in you, rather than having to carry your card everywhere. On the other hand, some others claim that microchips would bring an end to the privacy and anonymity everyone is entitled to. I am inclined to believe that it could be beneficial to have a microchip implanted under our skin.

 To begin with, chips are much more convenient than ID cards. How many times have we been prevented from doing something because we did not have our identity cards on us? We need it in order to use our credit card or to book plane tickets. Our ID cards play a major role in our everyday life and activities, despite the fact that it is not that easy to carry it around and not to forget to take it with us. With microchips, you can be sure that your ID is always with you. Apart from that, implanted microchips have the power to cause a revolution as far as modern technology is concerned. For instance, automatic security doors, that allow in only those whose ID it recognizes or has been confirmed by the owner can be created and used for several purposes. It could be really useful if we take into account the crime rates nowadays.
 Another argument to support my opinion is that using microchips which contain our ID is much safer. There have been a lot of cases where people have lost or even had their cards stolen. When your ID is embedded in your skin, there is little to no chance of that happening. Last but not least, the country would be much more secure, should we adopt this identification system as terrorists would find it difficult to create a new identity and escape punishment easily.

All thing considered, it seems to me that microchip implants are a very advantageous way to replace identity cards, because not only do they protect us from various types of crimes(such as identity theft), but it also helps us feel safer and more at ease and is quite convenient. For all these reasons, I strongly support the use of microchips. Nevertheless, no matter what is chosen to be our next step, it should be done with respect to people and their rights.