Thursday, November 14, 2013


                                                         Inversions a pain in everybody's neck!!

Inverted conditionals sentences without if

If the first verb if is were, should or had, we can drop the if &begin with an inversion .

Should you go to the supermarket,buy me some apples.

Were I less pessimistic, I would see that everybody is happy with my party.

Had he gone to the party , he would have seen Mary hanging out with John.

Negative adverbials

Here the verb takes the same form that it does in questions , using do or did if necessary

No sooner/ Hardly/Scarcely + past perfect 

The following are used with the past perfect to describe an event that happened immediately after another.

No sooner had the car started than I saw Brad Pitt.

Monday, November 4, 2013

The tall-tale heart by Edgar Allan Poe

We were assigned to read this short story and express the thoughts and feelings it evoked.

The story is about a young man, describing his experience of planning and executing the murder of the old man he was catering for. He suffered from a disease that heightened and made all his senses more sensible. Although he did long to kill the old man, he did not have a problem with him, but rather for his pale blue vulture eye. Every time he paid a visit to the elderly man’s chamber, he thought it was watching him. To me, that seems quite paranoid. It is very interesting to mention that throughout his descriptive monologue, he repeats he is not mad, as though trying to convince himself that this is true. Nevertheless, after committing the terrible crime, he is consumed by guilt and the illusion that he can still hear the poor deceased man’s heart beating from where he had hidden him, under the wooden floorboards. This forces him to give up his well-planned act as the policemen investigate the house and confess to having killed the man.

 I found the story very well-written and the illustration of the guilty man's feelings quite exemplary. Moreover, I admired the idea of telling the story from a first-person perspective. It was definitely an enjoyable read, although I found the author's raw description of the stalking and actual murder a bit disturbing at first. I would undoubtedly recommend it to someone who enjoys scary stories. 

Sunday, November 3, 2013

Hunger & Poverty

In this video we can see one of the most depressing pictures in the whole world.

Hunger is a problem that tortures a huge amount of our population. People like us pass away , because they do not have enough food. About 963 million people are hungry and approximately 16,000 of them are children who died from poverty. 


In my opinion , solutions should be found in order to eliminate this tremendous problem. Firstly, one proper step is to give poor people some cultivated land  to survive . By doing this action , we can increase people's health and productivity and, of course, the sense of hope . However, (comma) to make this step right, we should teach the undernourished countries how to grow plants and breed animals. Should we take these steps, we can reduce the high levels of poverty .