Wednesday, January 18, 2012

A report

To: Mr. Brown
From: Athanasia Tournaki
Subject: Making the library more attractive to young people.


In this report, I will make some recommendations to make the library more attractive to young people.

The library:

The library now is a really old building with old-fashioned decoration. However, it is very convenient because it is beside a school, so it attracts some people. The real problem is that it does not attract teenagers.

What teenagers would like:

Teenagers do not really like studying, so a library is not their favourite place. They like connecting to the Internet and chatting with their friends online. They also like watching films and listening to good music.


I strongly believe the library would attract more young people if some things were different. First of all, we should stock the library with more interesting books teenagers would like. A new section especially for teenagers could also be made. In addition to that, I suggest that we add a section from which young people can borrow classic films and documentaries, as well as music. Creating special reading rooms with a different colour scheme and decoration from the rest of the library would also improve its popularity with young people.

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Report about a library

TO: Tom Green
FROM: Rafaela Varveraki
SUBJECT : Making the library more popular

In this I will make some recommendations  about how to make the library more popular with young people in our area .

At the moment ,the library only accepts visitors ,who can come from 9:00 to 21:00 .It is in the center of our town ,so many people come here .

Teenagersdo not enjoy coming to the library ,but our library has modern equipment .For examble modern computers ,a room with projectors e.t.c. On computes teenagers can chat and surf the Internet too. And of course reading sci-fi ,fantasy ,comics, adventure books .

I believe the library will become a very popular meeting place for local teenagers iif major changes are made in addition to chairs , desks and bookshelves .We could offer both books access and computers .Also , some board game could be bought I suggest game such as chess and backgammon ,which train your mind . Finally , a large flatscreen TV showing doccumentaries and presentations would also prove to be a popular feature

Saturday, January 14, 2012

A review about a concert

Jonas Brothers Live

The Jonas Brothers gave a gorgeous concert in my town last week. It was part of their tour in order to promote their new album. It was on Saturday night at Pagrition Stadium, with a capacity crowd.

They gave a brilliant performance. The audience were cheering and applauding bringing the house down. The crowd went wild when they played their hit "SOS". Suddenly, Kevin, the oldest of the three brothers, threw his guitar and everyone was shoched. Generally, the atmosphere was very energetic. The lights didn't stop tyrning on and off and the sounds that the mixer table made were really cool. I loved their final encore. It was my favourite song, "When You Look Me in the Eyes".

However there were two little problems. The T-shirts that some people were selling were too expensive and I couldn't buy one. Also, some fans wanted to get near the stage but the security guards pushed them back and there was a small fight which fortunatelly didn't last long.

Apart from that, the evening was marvelous. I'd definitely recommend Jonas Brothers (JB) to everyone who likes pop music. If they visit you, don't miss their concert. You won't regret it!