Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Report about a library

TO: Tom Green
FROM: Rafaela Varveraki
SUBJECT : Making the library more popular

In this I will make some recommendations  about how to make the library more popular with young people in our area .

At the moment ,the library only accepts visitors ,who can come from 9:00 to 21:00 .It is in the center of our town ,so many people come here .

Teenagersdo not enjoy coming to the library ,but our library has modern equipment .For examble modern computers ,a room with projectors e.t.c. On computes teenagers can chat and surf the Internet too. And of course reading sci-fi ,fantasy ,comics, adventure books .

I believe the library will become a very popular meeting place for local teenagers iif major changes are made in addition to chairs , desks and bookshelves .We could offer both books access and computers .Also , some board game could be bought I suggest game such as chess and backgammon ,which train your mind . Finally , a large flatscreen TV showing doccumentaries and presentations would also prove to be a popular feature


  1. Superb, Rafaela! I always knew you could do it! :-)

  2. Hi Rafaela! My name is Roberta, I'm from Texas USA and I'm the production assistant for Amy Poehler's youtube/google channel, The Smart Girls Channel.

    We have a new show to launch a week from now; it's called "Girls of the World" and I think you can help us!

    I've been looking at your website, and I can tell there are some pretty notable young women here! For "Girls of the World" we want girls from other countries to send us a video about a day in their lives. We don't have anyone from Greece yet! Do you know a girl who might want to become popular?

    Girls who speak English are our first choice, but that is not required as long as we can have a little help with translation for subtitles. We need girls between the ages of 12-16 years old. Since every girl's life is different, it's up to her to show us what her world looks like. (She can point out architecture, share a traditional recipe, show us around her house, teach us a local phrase or saying....)

    If you know someone who would want to be on our show, let us know soon. She will definitely have fun - not to mention while practicing English! Email me at girlsoftheworld123@gmail.com and I will get you all the specifics.

    Thank you for helping us with this!
    All the best,
    Roberta Araújo.

  3. Hello Roberta! I am the girls' teacher. I will talk to them and let you know what they decided. Thank you very much for the offer! :-)