Thursday, July 28, 2011

A dialogue between two girls

Mary: Hi. I'm Mary. What's your name?
Christina: My name is Christina. Are you a new member of this camp?
Mary: Yes, I am. Well, where do you come from?
Christina: I come from Greece.What about you?
Mary: I was born in Spain but I have been living in London since I was five. You? Where do you live?
Christina: I live in Greece and specifically in Crete.
Mary: Are you from a large family?
Christina: Not really. There are only four of us-me my parents and ma grandma. Do you have any pets?
Mary: No, I don't, but I'd like to have one. My favourite pet is the dog. However, at home, I'd like to have a fish. What do you do in your free time? Do you like sports?
Christina: I meet my friends and we play different games together like Cluedo, Monopoly, Jenga or cards. Sometimes my little sister and I sing and dance in order to have a break from our homework. Oh, I'm mad about swimming. Moreover, I'm keen on playing volleyball and table-tennis. I love sports. What's your favourite subject?
Mary: My favourite subject is English. Learning English is fun and in this way you can communicate with other people from different countries.
Christina: You're right. OK, would you like to walk with me for a while, before the next activity starts?
Mary: Yes, of course. Let's go!

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