Thursday, July 28, 2011

A postcard from Antarctica

Dear Alithia,

Well, here I am in Antarctica! The journey here was amazing because before we reached Antarctica we visited several different islands. Although they were small compared to Antarctica, they had many sights to visit.

Yesterday, we went to the Paradise Harbour, one of the main attractions in Antarctica. To see this sight you have to take another boat and not your cruise ship in order to explore it. The icebergs in this area were fantastic. After our long exhausting trip, that was the best place to relax. It was definitely worth visiting Paradise Harbour.

Tomorrow, we're going to the Dry Valleys of Antarctica. This trip will be the experience of a lifetime. Scientists say that at the Dry Valleys there's no snow and no ice. Also, it hasn't rained for over two million years. That's incredible! I'm very curious to see them!

Wish you were here!
See you soon!
Lots of love,

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