Wednesday, July 6, 2011

A article about putting on a concert!

It’s time for a concert!

Are you bored? Do you like music? Why not put on a concert? It’s very easy and so fun!

First of all, you should decide where the concert will take place. Somebody’s back garden or even the playground of your school will be fine. After that, you have to choose the type of the songs and the playlist. If you want to put on a concert, you need to arrange some other things, too. A concert needs lighting and a good sound system. Someone must take care of that. When you have decided on all these things, you have to choose the time of your concert.

If you want your concert to succeed, you have to rehearse often. Don’t forget that. Practice makes perfect! You can also get matching trendy costumes.

When you’re ready, invite people- put up posters or hand leaflets- to come and watch your concert. Have fun!

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  1. That's wonderful idea!! I'll think about it! Have a nice day! :-)