Wednesday, July 6, 2011

An article about putting on a concert! :D

Putting on a concert!

Have you got too much free time and you don't know how to spend your weekend? Why don't you put on a concert? It's really fun!

First of all, you have to think about the place and the time you want to perform. It will be a good idea to arrange it in someone's back garden. Also, I think that you should do it on a Sunday evening when all the guests will definitely be there. After that, you have to decide the playlist. Are you going to play pop, rock, hip-hop or classical music? Then, you should organise the sound system and the lighting because it'll be dark and no one will see you! So, you could ask a friend to lend you some microphones and speakers.

Moreover, you have to choose what clothes to wear. In my opinion they should be colourful and fashionable. Arrange a time too rehearse. Remember. Only one rehearsal is not enough. You have to keep on practising.

Finally, invite all your friends and relatives and advertise your concert. Put up posters or hang out leaflets. Well, I hope your concert will really catch on!

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  1. Well done Christine! You didn't turn up in the lesson today and we were all worried! I hope you are fine! See you on Monday!