Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Writing to a newspaper

Dear Editor,

I am writing with regards to an article about pop music which I read in your last newspaper. The writer stated that nowadays there are no interesting bands and most singers try to become famous without making good music. Personally, I totally agree.

First of all, in my opinion Vegas is one of those untalented groups. They have taken off because the band they formed is based on the music they get from computers. So, in this way they bring out their songs vary quickly.

In addition, Avril Lavigne cares only about her public image. She always wears strange clothes, because she wants to attract everybody's attention. Furthermore, she is more interested in making money than producing good music. Moreover, she steals different songs from other singers and presents them as her own.

In conclusion, I strongly believe that several pop stars have got nice voices and talent to produce their songs, but they do not want to be creative and make the best of it.

Yours faithfully,
Christina Mavradonaki

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