Monday, July 4, 2011


Last summer, a girl named Nina was on holidays with her family and their dog, Nelly, on an island.

One day, they decided to go to the beach. When they arrived there, the beach was empty. They didn’t mind. They were all having fun-Dad was swimming, Mum was sunbathing and Nina and Nelly were playing on the beach. Suddenly, something terrible happened. A huge wave covered the beach and the family split up. Everyone was fine, but they couldn’t find each other. Nina was very frightened, but she wasn’t alone. Nelly was with her. They didn’t know what to do.

Nina sat on a rock and started crying. It would be dark soon. Suddenly, Nelly discovered something. It was a mermaid! She was scared. She said that the wave took her away from her home. She lived under a huge rock that was shaped like a heart. Nina remembered that she had seen this rock when she was walking with Nelly. They took the mermaid to the rock. She was very happy, but Nina was very sad. The mermaid asked her why she was sad and Nina told her about her parents. The mermaid said that she could grant one wish to each one of them to thank them. Nina wished she had her parents back and Nelly started barking.

Two seconds later, the family was together again and they were so happy… But wait a minute, where was Nelly? She was next to them under a huge pile of bones!!!


  1. Bravo Nassia!!! :-) I like very much your story! By the way, are you keen on writing poems or short stories? Where would you like to go on vacation this summer?

  2. Dear Sotiria Di Creta
    I'm not keen on writing poems, but I'm interested in writing stories.I don't write stories every day, but I enjoy doing the essays that we've got as homework.
    Well, we are having lessons during the summer, so I probably won't go on vacation, although me and my family are thinking about visiting a village or a town near Heraklion in August...We aren't sure yet.