Saturday, October 27, 2012

Film review


Jumanji is an adventure fantasy film directed by Joe Johnston and written by Jonathan Hensleigh and Greg Taylor. This movie is a bout two kids who are trapped in an old board game, called Jumanji, and after a decade are released into the real world. Then they have to face all the dangerous creatures, which are also released from the game on the city, and this can be achieved only if they manage to finish Jumanji.

The special effects are really spectacular, since very original and impressive techniques are used. In some sequences you even feel that the animals are coming out of the screen and instinctively you try to protect yourself. Consequently, they are very convincing, as well.

Jumanji has additionally other good aspects. For instance, the acting is believable as Robin Williams and Kristen Dunst star and give a great performance. Furthermore, the costumes are very well-designed and imaginative and represent exactly the situation that the actors are in each scene.

Overall, I would certainly recommend Jumanji because it’s an interesting film for the whole family and has a really outstanding directing. Don’t miss it.


Formal letter

Dear Mrs. Sanderson,

I am writing to give you my comments on your new teenage magazine.

Firstly, regarding if it is a good idea to be a magazine solely for teens, from my point of view, it will definitely work. The reason for this is that adolescents will stick with it, since they are very curious about fashion and body image. About how often it can be published, I think once a month is the best solution because teenagers will have enough money to afford it.

Concerning the topics that could be included. I suggest that that should be about fashion, body image and health problems. That is because many teenage girls aim to have an ideal body structure and they kid them selves that they have skin imperfections. As a result, they go on starvation diets and afterwards they look stick-thin. Furthermore, teenagers are very impressionable. Both boys and girls want to make an impression with their outfits and consequently they always follow the fashion.

Finally, as regards your TEEN HOBBIES magazine, in my opinion, it is not so successful because it has not got well-written interviews.

I hope these comments and suggestions are helpful.

Yours faithfully,
Mavradonaki Christina

Advice letter

Dear Angela,

I’m sure you feel irritated when your best friend wants to change herself and create another image which doesn’t represent her, but I can assure you that it’s a common problem nowadays. I’ll give you some advice to deal with it.

The best thing to do is to discuss with her and tell her how you feel. You should make her understand that being popular is not one of the most important aims that we have to achieve in life. Moreover, you could speak to her in order to help her comprehend that she doesn’t need to change her style of clothes or the music she likes to make herself stand out.

Furthermore, if I were in your shoes, I would spend some time with her productively and do something together to cheer her up and remind her how enjoyable those past days you spent happily was. This might be a good idea to make her realize that she doesn’t have to be cool in order to be accepted by another group of people.

I hope everything works out for you.


Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Informal Letter

Dear Jo,

I got your letter yesterday, and decided to drop you a line straightaway. I’m writing to answer all your questions.

From my point of view, going to the careers talk will be very useful. That’s because you will be able to meet interesting people, ask them questions and discuss with them about your future. I think it’s a great opportunity! By the way, in my opinion, it would be better to go through the brochures. The reason for this is that you will focus on what you’re reading and also there you can find more detailed information than by speaking to the teachers.

As for the career I am interested in, I’m thinking of becoming a teacher in a primary school, since I’d live to be with young children and help them in their education. Furthermore, I would like to follow in my mother’s footsteps. Moreover, I want to apologise for not putting you up because that week we are offering hospitality to my godmother. I’m sorry.

Please write to me again soon, and tell me all your news.

Best wishes,

Saturday, August 18, 2012

Miss Christina,
 I would like you to know that I won't be able to come to the lessons on neither Monday nor Tuesday because my family had organised our holidays on these dates. Unfortunately, they couldn't reschedule it. However, I assure you that I will try to keep up with the lessons and that I will have studied for Wednesday.Please tell Mrs Markaki that I will bring my Phrasebook on Wednesday, too. :)

See you on Wednesday! :)  

Friday, August 17, 2012


Mark's surprise present

  As Mark sat down,he felt something moving moving next to his leg. What was it ? At thatmoment Mark felt icredibly scared!
Mark was on holida with his family at a campingnsite in Crete. They were staying in tents at midnight, Mark had decided to call his best friend Ali.
 He had already called  Ali, but she didn't answer him.In this way Mark supposed that Ali should have been on holiday with her parents in LA . A few minutes later ,he started to be absolutely worred and scared , because he undersood  what he felt near his leg . it was a large COMBRA . He started scratching when he showed it to his parents.
 Of course , he had forgotten that he had his birthday and that he asked his parents for a large and poisonous snake .
 After a few minutes he seemed so cross with his best friend that he never talk to her again. The question was "What he going to do now with the giant snake?"

Thursday, August 9, 2012

Happy Birthday to Mrs. Christina! :D

I wish you a "Happy Birthday" and I hope all your deams will come true!

Happy Birthday to you,
Happy Birthday to you,
Happy Birthday  dear Mrs. Christina,
Happy Birthday to YOU!!!

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

My predictions for the future! :)

The future is usually unpredictable, but people have always been searching for ways to learn more about it. In this post, I’m going to introduce my ideas- or “predictions” if you prefer- about what the future will be like. So, in my view:

v By the year 2040, the Earth’s temperature will have risen by about  5 degrees
v Education will have developed and instead of books, students will use laptops or tablets.
v By the year 2080, most of the ice on the Earth will have melted.
v People will live longer, because medicine will have improved.
v  Domestic robots will help with the housework :P
v People will have resided on the moon.
v By the year 3000, we will have discovered life on Mars, Venus or another planet.
v In the very distant future, we will have traveled to the whole universe.
v If we don’t do something for the environment, life will have vanished from our planet by the year 4000.

Thursday, August 2, 2012

Michigan Writing: Letter

Dear Editor,

I am writing in connection with the advertisement that appeared in your newspaper about job satisfaction. I am a high school student and I would like to express my opinion on this issue.

First of all, as far as I am concerned, I believe that one aspect which makes a job more satisfying is the people who you work with. If you have a good relationship with your colleagues, then you will be able to cooperate more easily. Furthermore, a spacious and convenient working environment will definitely help you, especially if you have access to the Internet, too. What is more, it plays an important role if your profession is interesting and creative and not only profitable, since you will be willing to work overtime without complaining.

On the other hand, problems may arise when people are dissatisfied with their job. These are, in particular, psychological and financial ones. For instance, some people may not be as productive as they used to, because they are not able to keep their eagerness and willingness to continue their profession effectively. Moreover, they might feel depressed. The reason for this is that the job they are offered may not have any advantages and, as a result, they are not efficient. In addition, it is likely that they will not earn enough money and they cannot make a living.

I hope that my letter will be published and that my views will be taken into account.

Yours sincerely,
Christina Mavradonaki

Wednesday, August 1, 2012


An unpleasant experience

As Mark sat down, he felt something moving next to his leg. Ha had go on an expedition with his friends to Rwanda and one day they decided to camp to another area. They had already walked a long distance, but they hadn’t found the right place yet. So they stopped somewhere to relax as they were very tired.

All of the sudden, Mark jumped up and started running quickly. A little time later, he noticed that he had moved away from his friends and he realized that he had to get back. However, the jungle was thick and he was thousands of miles from their campsite. He didn’t know where he was going or what to do. He was terrified and completely miserable.

Shortly after, out of the blue, a middle-aged man appeared from the leaves. He was an explorer, as well. Mark asked him for help and he eagerly accepted to give him a hand. Fortunately, he did have a compass with him and managed to make their way to the campsite very easily.

They found Mark’s friends there, who were preparing dinner. Mark was totally overwhelmed and fantastically happy that he was back again.

Tuesday, July 31, 2012

A letter of application

Dear Mrs. Benson,

With reference to your advertisement in the latest edition of “The Times”, I am writing to apply for the position of shop assistant in your international bookshop.

I would be very interested in this job as I am keen on books. I have been reading different types of books, such as adventure, mystery, crime and science fiction ones. In addition, I have written my own book which was published and it was a big success. I speak English fluently since I have been studying the English language for nine years. Furthermore, I am a holder of the ECCE certificate and I have visited England twice.

I believe I am the ideal candidate for the job. I have worked foe many years in my family bookshop and I have a great deal of knowledge on books. I am a good communicator and I can promote them to the public by convincing people to buy one. I can even cope with demanding customers, as well.

Please do not hesitate to contact me if you require further information.

I look forward to hearing from you.

Yours sincerely,
Christina Mavradonaki

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Cambridge Writing Part 1: Letter

Dear Robin,

Thanks for your letter. It was great to hear that you got through your final exams. I’m writing to give you all the information you need about the summer camp.

Well, I think that it would be an excellent idea to attend a sports camp in the mountains because I have always wanted to. I’m keen on basketball and I’m very good at tennis, as well, so it looks really interesting. As for our accommodation, I’d prefer to stay in rooms because I believe that they would be more spacious and more comfortable for us.

Concerning the food, here, in Greece we cook a delicious dish called Briami. It’s my favourite and it isn’t too difficult to prepare one evening. If you agree, we can try it. I have never been to Canada before so I would really like to explore the city and go sightseeing. Moreover, I’d love to go shopping for souvenirs.

I’m looking forward to your next letter, so write soon.

Best wishes,

Tuesday, July 24, 2012


Responding to this activity:

Both pictures show animals relaxing.One similarity between the two pictures is that "Giant"& lions are prisoners ,which means that they belong to someone else.They  might feel badly about their prison .Another similarity between the two pictures is that they both belong to the same species , as they are mammals and felids.

In the first photo I can see a lion and a lioness that are in Barcelona. However, in the second one I can see a home-cat "THE GIANT "who lives in Mrs. Christina's house. In one photo I can see a pair of lions which might excite the visitors, but in the other I can see Giant relaxing with a catnap.

I suppose that the animals in both pictures hang out with animals of the same species , so perhaps they spend their time pleasantly !

Wild and home animals are valuable to humans in lots of ways! For example, blind people have a dog with them because they can't see. As for the elderly women, they have cats, dogs and other animals to keep them company.

This is why we MUST treat all animals in a nice way.As owners we have to feed and water them. We should treat them with a bath or a walk . In this way, humans could have had a good relationship with their pets and all the other animals .I think that this is an amazing way to communicate and treat all animal species!!!!

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Some more funny videos! xD

This is a video about funny animals.I'm sure it will crack you up! :D

Aaand, now a video about babies. Beware of the cuteness! :)

Funny videos!

This adorable dog in the video above is obviously very attached to its owner. That means that he has treated his cute dog with a lot of love and caring. However, as you will realize, this gorgeous dog is very anxious when it is in a car and that’s why it needs to hold somebody’s hand all the time, but this can be annoying when you have to drive and hold your dog’s hand.

In this video, a cat is sitting on the toilet and it wants some privacy to relax on its own. That’s why it closes the door.

Enjoy it!

Saturday, July 14, 2012

Funny videos of cats! :D

In this funny video there are two cats which may be in the attic. One of them tries to climb down the ladder and in order to succeed it its friend gives it a “helping” hand in fact.

This fatty cat is very scared of something and it tries to escape in a really unexpected way.

Thursday, July 12, 2012

An application letter

Dear Sir/Madam,

I am writing regarding a place in the reality show of ‘Big Brother’ as advertised in the last edition of ‘The News’.

I would really like to participate in this show because I have a lot of experience which will be helpful. First of all, I have been playing different kinds of board games and team games at school. Furthermore, I have solved many crosswords and have done many puzzles.

I have always wanted to take part in a reality show because I believe that it would be a great opportunity to meet and talk with other people, as I am a sociable and outgoing person. In addition, I would like to obtain some experience in reality TV, since that has always been my dream.

I speak English fluently because I have been studying the English language for eight years. I hold a certificate of FCE level and I have visited England twice. Moreover, I think I am a very clever person. I would be grateful if you would consider me. You can contact me on 56237135272.

I look forward to hearing from you.

Yours faithfully,
Christina Mavradonaki

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

application letter

Dear Sir/Madam,

I am writing to apply for aplace in the "Big Brother" show .I saw the advertisment on the television
  I have a lot of related  experience so I would like to take part in this show very much .Ihane been playing board games gor along time and now I am good at Mathematics ,as well. I have also joined in a lot of competitions .
  I would like to be in this show very much .I am imterested in meeting new kids and to be much experience.
  I have all the skills neededto enter in this reality quiz show . I am a holderof the FCE certificate and Ihave been studing Englishfor eight years . I am cleve and social,because Ihave many friends .Please contact me on  my telefone 2810-239329.

I look forward to hearing from you .

Yours faithfully,
 Rafaela Varveraki  

Thursday, July 5, 2012

Article regarding teachers!

A teacher who makes the difference

Have toy ever had a teacher who has been important in your life? Well, I have met lots of teachers. However, only one has made the difference and has influenced me the most. It’s my German teacher, Mrs. Perdikaki.

 One of the main reasons she’s been important is her character. She’s very funny and that quality makes her very likeable to all her students. That’s why she doesn’t only tell jokes during the lesson but she also encourages us to talk and give our opinions.

Additionally, her lessons are enjoyable and very interesting. This is partly because we do projects, watch videos and sometimes play games. That’s how she makes us understand the German language more easily. Furthermore, she tries to motivate us to participate in the lessons and she listens carefully to what we say.

Mrs. Perdikaki is one of the best teachers that I have ever had. I wish she taught us all the school subjects in order to enjoy ourselves in every lesson. 

Formal letter (application)

Dear Mr. Papadakis,

I am writing regarding the position of tourist information assistant in your tourist information booth as advertised in yesterday’s edition of ‘The News’.

I am 17 years old and I am in year 3 at senior high school. I believe I am the ideal candidate for the job. I speak English very fluently since I have been studying the English language for seven years. Furthermore, I hold a certificate at ECCE level and I have visited England twice. I would like to earn my own income and I also believe it would be a great opportunity to practice my English and get the chance to meet other people.

I consider myself a hard-working person. I help out the family business in the summer and I volunteer in local environmental events. Moreover, I am very enthusiastic. I am interested in the town history and I am proud of it. I also want visitors to enjoy what I do.

Please do not hesitate to contact me if you require further information.

I look forward to hearing from you.

Yours sincerely,
Christina Mavradonaki

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

The ideal summer lessons ;P

What would the ideal summer lessons be like?

Personally, I think that in order to learn and prepare ourselves for the ECCE test in December in such a short period of time, the lessons have to be enjoyable, not only for us, but for our teachers too. I believe that using our school’s computers would be a very amusing way to practice our English. Having a blog has helped me improve my English skill in a very fun way. In my opinion, having to sit in front of a desk all day, studying, is not the best way of learning. We can also play games in class in order to revise our vocabulary and grammar. We have already done it once in the past and I am sure that both the students and our teacher had a lot of fun. However, playing games all day long will not be much help. We could also watch some educational videos or even movies to improve our English. To conclude, I believe that if the lessons are well-organized and we have fun in class, this summer will be unforgettable!

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Summer lessons! :D

What would the ideal 
summer lessons be like?

From my point of view, I believe that our summer lessons in Markaki-Markoulaki English Language School should be marvelous. First of all, it’s a good idea to play different games all together. In my opinion, it’s a very efficient way to learn how to speak and write in English by having fun and enjoying ourselves. I would also like to go to our computer building very often and spend some time there surfing the Net or visiting our blogs and enriching them with our new excellent posts or doing exercises from our CDs. However, the best thing that we should do is not having lessons but I’m sure that in the future we won’t regret it. 

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

A Story!

“The new Einstein”

In the summer of 2006, I was in Athens, in order to visit my uncle, Sebastian, who is a very good scientist. One day, he took me to his laboratory to show me his new invention.

It was a big, purple hat, like the ones witches wear, with lots of yellow stars.
“Could you, please, try my invention?” he asked.
I put it on and within seconds I felt so dizzy that I had to sit down. I felt like my head was about to burst. My uncle looked as if he wanted to cry with joy. He was very curious and nervous to see the results of his invention.

So, he gave me a piece of paper with the most difficult mathematical calculations. I solved them faster than any computer. It was a hat which gave you amazing mathematical abilities. The invention worked exactly as Sebastian had expected. He was very proud of himself and satisfied, as well.
“You can keep it, if you want” he said.

Since then, I have been the best student at maths. That’s why everyone calls me “The new Einstein”. Everyone, that is, expect the scientist who made it possible.

Saturday, April 28, 2012


An unexpected gift

Carla looked at the car in surprise. Her best friend’s car was outside the school full of presents. She couldn’t believe her eyes and she screamed with joy.
“Oh, my God.”
She was really touched and astonished.

Two years ago, she had moved to a very small village far away from the city. Since then, she had been working in the school, as a teacher. She loves all her students very much and she remember the way that the villagers welcomed her and how perfectly they behaved towards her. They’re friendly, helpful and very kind. She had told her best friend about these things and also revealed to her that she wanted to do something special to show them her appreciation. Her friend had a brilliant idea. With some help, she managed to collect some money and buy loads of presents for the students.

One day, she put them in her car and all of a sudden she appeared in the village. She hadn’t told Carla that’s why she was really surprised. The car was full of different colourful boxes with toys and books. Carla thanked her friend and gave out the presents. The kids laughed, hugged and kissed their teacher.

Friday, April 27, 2012

How do we celebrate Easter?



Easter lasts a fortnight; during it each family wants to be with their relatives and acquaintances, so they visit them in a distant place in order to celebrate together the resurrection of Jesus Christ.


Holy Week starts actually after the Palm Sunday. On that day we go to church where we are given palm leaves which are made in different shapes. In that way we honour the time when Jesus Christ enter Ierosolima and the faithful were applauding him throwing palm leaves. That’s why that day is called “Palm Sunday”. Moreover people who fast during Lent eat only fish dishes avoiding the dairy products and generally meat.


At Holy Week we follow some acts in order to celebrate the resurrection of Jesus Christ. For instance, we spend time in a meadow picking flowers to make wreathes and decorate the epitaph with them. We also make traditional sweets and Easter cookies for approximately a whole day. Furthermore, in the Easter tradition, on Good Thursday we dye eggs in particularly red color. That symbolizes the blood that was poured from Jesus Christ when He was crucified. On Thursday evening, Christians got to church. The wreathes are collected and the priest leads the service and everyone mourns Christ’s crucifixion.


On Good Friday morning, people go to church again to kneel in front of the epitaph. The epitaph is decorated with flowers and looks stunning. Everyone pays their respects to Jesus Christ. In the evening, the priest leads the main service, as well. Now the epitaph is brought around the town with everyone following. In addition, that day people usually eat octopus and generally fish dishes.


On Good Saturday housewives stay at home and cook a traditional soup called magiritsa. At night, we all put on our best clothing and take candles with us to the church. (The tradition is the godmother or the godfather to give to their godchildren their candle.) Furthermore, many people’s candles have flowers and other ornaments on them. That day we celebrate Anastasi (Resurrection). The priest wears colorful clothing. Afterwards, everyone lights their candles and slowly the flame passes from person to person until everyone’s candle is burning. At midnight, Christ is resurrected. There are fireworks and fire crackers and there is a big celebration. We also burn Judas. After that, everyone goes home to eat the magiritsa and other delicacies. We also crack the red eggs exchanging Easter wishes. We all hug and kiss each other.


On Easter Sunday, in the morning, we get out to bed a little late because we are all tired from the night before. We gather and we eat lettuce salad and kokoretsi while we wait for the lamb to be roasted on a spit. We spend the rest of the day eating, drinking, dancing and listening to music. It’s a big celebration and everyone is radiant and we all have smiles on our faces.



Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Letter (giving advice)

Dear Melanie,

How are you? I’m glad you are doing well and I hope everything’s fine there. Thanks for your last letter. I really liked the song you wrote. Carry on writing!

Well, I’m writing to give you some advice about keeping fit and healthy. One idea is to visit a nearby gym and start an aerobic programme. If you exercise three times a week you will soon see the results. I think you should also improve your eating habits. You ought to get rid of all the junk food in the house. The best thing would be to start with a rich healthy breakfast in the morning, avoid sweets and ice cream during the day and have a light dinner in the evening. Finally, why don’t you start going for long walks at the weekend. It will help you a lot.

In my opinion, this way of life makes you look better and feel more confident. That’s my advice. The final decision is yours. Good luck!

Beat wishes,

Monday, April 23, 2012

Essay about how to learn a foreign language :)

Learning a foreign language can help you to communicate with other people from different countries. However, sometimes it is very difficult to remember the vocabulary. So, our tips below will help you to remember all the words more easily.

First of all, you should read articles and activities on the Internet because in that way you will enrich your vocabulary. Moreover, you can have your own blog and blog in English. If you do that, you will learn to write excellent essays using wonderful words. Additionally, you can exchange emails with native speakers of the foreign language.

More ways to learn new vocabulary is to watch English movies with English subtitles or listen to English songs and read their lyrics. Reading comics can help you, as well. Furthermore, when you find new words and phrases you can note them down in your phrasebook. You can also create a vocabulary calendar (a notebook in which you will make up a sentence using a new word every day).

To summarize, as far as I’m concerned, it is not so difficult to remember new vocabulary following my advice.

Sunday, April 22, 2012

Essay on watching television

Watching television is

a complete waste of time

Television has entered our lives and haw influenced our routine. Many people spend hours in front of a TV screen, but others think that it is a complete waste of time.

In my opinion, there are some positive points. Firstly, it is educational. It gives us lots of information and knowledge. Secondly, it is informative. For example, documentaries can inform us about different places or animals. Furthermore, it is relaxing and it is a good company when you feel alone.

On the other hand, there are some negative points, too. One disadvantage is that television shows too many commercials. In addition, there are some bad programmes with too much violence that affects the behavior of young people. Finally, it can damage our health. For instance, it is bad for our eyes and when we watch TV all day we do not exercise and put on weight. Also, we do not communicate with our family and friends.

To sum up, I believe that TV is a great invention and we can learn lots of thing from it, but we should not forget the dad points and be very careful when we watch it.

Essay of being rich and successful

The advantages and the disadvantages

of being rich and successful

Many people wish they were rich and successful. At first glance, it looks ideal. However, life is not always easy for people who are rich and successful.

There are many advantages to this. For example, you have a lot of money, so you cab afford to buy everything you want or go on many trips and travel abroad. Furthermore, you may find a job more easily and provide a good future for your children and your family.

On the other hand, there are some disadvantages, as well. For instance, people might want to become friends with you just because you are rich and successful. In addition to this, your job might be stressful and take a lot of your time so you will not be able to spend enough quality time with your family.

From my point of view, being rich and successful surely helps you a lot, but having health, happiness and a family are the thing that are really important in life.

Formal letter (to a newspaper) about traffic congestion

Dear Sir/Madam,

I read your article about traffic congestion two days ago. I agree with you that the large number of cars on the roads is another problem that we have to deal with.

Well, there are various examples which show the seriousness of the problem. People use their cars more and more to get where they want even if this is two minutes walk. As a result, people are becoming lazier. In addition, nowadays there are two to three cars pre family.

In order to solve the traffic problem we can take the following measures. First of all, we can dedicate lanes for bikes and start using them. In this way, people can exercise, save money and avoid traffic jams. Also, we can charge cars to enter the city centre or build more car parks where people can leave their cars and use public transport. Moreover, means of public transport must be punctual and cheap. My last suggestion is car pooling.

In conclusion, from my point of view, we should all realize the problem and take action to reduce it.

Yours faithfully,
Mavradonaki Christina

A Story

A surprise

As soon as the phone rang, she knew something was wrong. Shortly after six in the afternoon, Mary was really worried. She was expecting her friend, Lu, to come, but she hadn’t arrived yet.

She thought that something bad had happened to Lu and that’s why she was late. She ran quickly and picked the phone up nervously. Unfortunately no one answered. She was scared. At that moment, she grabbed her mobile phone and right away called Lu to see if she was OK.
“Are you all right? Is everything OK?” Mary asked her, when she answered.
“Yes…,” said Lu, “but I’d like to tell you that I won’t come today because I have a bad cold.”
Mary was really sad and decided to listen to some music to cheer her up.

Later on, someone knocked the door. Mary was surprised to see Lu and her friends who wished her a happy birthday.
“I’m really amazed.” she cried.
She couldn’t believe her eyes that all her friends were there.

Finally, they all had an unforgettable time and promised to meet again soon.

Report on a library

To: Mr. Smith
From: Christina Mavradonaki
Subject: Making the library more popular


The aim of this report is to make some recommendations about how to make the library more popular with the local secondary school children.

The library

Right now, young people who come to the library can only read a book that they probably like inside the building. It is located in the centre of the city so almost everyone can visit it but they do not.

What teenagers would enjoy in a library

Teenagers enjoy reading magazines, journals and newspapers. Moreover, they enjoy sitting and chatting in a modern place, surfing the Internet and listening to music.


Well, I believe that the best idea that will make the library a popular place for teenagers would be to install Wi-Fi networks and iPods on each table and teenagers can search for information. Furthermore, the children could borrow books, DVDs, CDs or iPods with different types of books. We could also have magazines, journals and plenty of books and specific books for teenagers. In addition, I suggest having quiet reading areas for teenagers who want to focus on their reading. Moreover, I recommend that we could offer modern facilities or even have a coffee shop. Finally, perhaps we should use colourful decoration in order to attract more teenagers.

Formal transactional letter (complaint)

Dear Sir/Madam,

I am writing to complain about the holiday that my family went on with your company, Sunny Holidays, to Canary Islands after reading your brochure.

First of all, there were problems with the accommodation. Your brochure stated that in each apartment there was a fridge. In our room the fridge was not working and we wanted to put in some drinks in order to chill them, but we could not. Furthermore, on our TV, there were only two local channels available and not in English. So, we could not enjoy ourselves when we stayed in.

In addition, the beach near the hotel was not suitable for swimming, because it was very rocky and we had to go to another beach two miles away. Finally, the town centre was minutes away by car and not on foot so it cost us more.

We think that the brochure was misleading which is why we would like a partial refund.

We look forward to receiving a prompt replay.

Yours faithfully,
Mavradonaki Christina