Saturday, April 28, 2012


An unexpected gift

Carla looked at the car in surprise. Her best friend’s car was outside the school full of presents. She couldn’t believe her eyes and she screamed with joy.
“Oh, my God.”
She was really touched and astonished.

Two years ago, she had moved to a very small village far away from the city. Since then, she had been working in the school, as a teacher. She loves all her students very much and she remember the way that the villagers welcomed her and how perfectly they behaved towards her. They’re friendly, helpful and very kind. She had told her best friend about these things and also revealed to her that she wanted to do something special to show them her appreciation. Her friend had a brilliant idea. With some help, she managed to collect some money and buy loads of presents for the students.

One day, she put them in her car and all of a sudden she appeared in the village. She hadn’t told Carla that’s why she was really surprised. The car was full of different colourful boxes with toys and books. Carla thanked her friend and gave out the presents. The kids laughed, hugged and kissed their teacher.

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