Monday, April 9, 2012

Most people nowadays know how to use computers and use them daily. Computers and the Internet have affected our lives a lot. They have made it easier, but much more dangerous, too.

Using computers has some good points. First of all, they are very informative. We can use the Internet to look up things that interest us and find information quite quickly. Computers can also be very educational. We can use them to do research for school or to learn about many different things. Another good point of computers is that they are entertaining. People can use computers to watch movies, as well as to play computer games.

Although there are many reasons why we should use computers, there are some reasons not to. Firstly, the Internet is very dangerous for people who do not know how to use it properly. They can catch a virus which could destroy their computer or even hurt themselves when they meet bad people online that trick them into meeting them. Computers are not suitable for all ages either. Young children must not be allowed to use computers, as they can see some things they are not supposed to see.

In conclusion, I believe that the use of computers can be very useful and fun, but we must not use them too often because that might lead to serious problems.

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