Monday, April 9, 2012



Coldplay, the famous pop group, gave a concert in my town last summer. It took place at Pangritium Stadium at 8 p.m. There was a capacity crowd.

They were great on that day! The special effects and the lighting were spectacular. The crowd was cheering, but they really went wild when Coldplay performed one of their most popular songs, “Clocks”. Their performance of “Viva La Vida” was excellent, too. There were two encores at the end of the concert.

Although the concert was successful, there were one or two problems that disappointed me. Firstly, at some points, the microphones did not work properly, so the audience could not hear the songs. Secondly, the food and the drinks the canteen sold were very expensive.

Despite these problems, the concert was fantastic and I had a great time. You should definitely go and see Coldplay if you like pop music.

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