Sunday, April 22, 2012

Article on an unsual sport

Extreme ironing

Have you ever imagined taking an ironing board to a remote place and ironing your clothes? Well, that’s what an Englishman did in 1997. He liked the idea of an evening out rock climbing and decided to combine it with ironing. So he started a new extreme sport. He also travelled to the United States, New Zealand, Australia, Fiji and South Africa to promote the sport.

Two years ago I went to England and I had the chance to watch a team of 72 divers who ironed underwater. They stayed in the water for more than an hour and tried to break the previous record. They finally managed it.

However, quite often people doing this extreme sport get seriously injured. So others who are against it organise campaigns to inform people about the dangers and try to turn them to safer sports.

To sum up, I believe that extreme ironing will get more popular. Although, I personally find this sport exciting, I wouldn’t like to try it and I recommend to everyone to think twice before starting it.  

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