Sunday, April 22, 2012

A Story

A surprise

As soon as the phone rang, she knew something was wrong. Shortly after six in the afternoon, Mary was really worried. She was expecting her friend, Lu, to come, but she hadn’t arrived yet.

She thought that something bad had happened to Lu and that’s why she was late. She ran quickly and picked the phone up nervously. Unfortunately no one answered. She was scared. At that moment, she grabbed her mobile phone and right away called Lu to see if she was OK.
“Are you all right? Is everything OK?” Mary asked her, when she answered.
“Yes…,” said Lu, “but I’d like to tell you that I won’t come today because I have a bad cold.”
Mary was really sad and decided to listen to some music to cheer her up.

Later on, someone knocked the door. Mary was surprised to see Lu and her friends who wished her a happy birthday.
“I’m really amazed.” she cried.
She couldn’t believe her eyes that all her friends were there.

Finally, they all had an unforgettable time and promised to meet again soon.

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