Monday, April 9, 2012


To: Mr Brown

From: Athanasia Tournaki

Subject: Making library more attractive to young people


In this report, I will make some recommendations to make the library more attractive to young people.

The library:

The library now is a really old building with old-fashioned decoration. However, it is very convenient because it is beside a school, so it attracts some people. The real problem is that it does not attract teenagers.

What teenagers would like

Teenagers do not really like studying, so a library is not their favourite place. they like connecting to the internet and chatting with their friends online. They also like watching films and listening to good music.


I strongly believe the library would attract more young people if some things were different. First of all, we should stock the library with more interesting books teenagers would like. A new section especially for teenagers would also be made. In addition to that, I suggest that we add a section from whish young people can borrow classic films and documentaries as well as music. Creating special reading rooms with different colour scheme and decoration from the rest of the library would also improve its popularity with young people.

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