Wednesday, August 1, 2012


An unpleasant experience

As Mark sat down, he felt something moving next to his leg. Ha had go on an expedition with his friends to Rwanda and one day they decided to camp to another area. They had already walked a long distance, but they hadn’t found the right place yet. So they stopped somewhere to relax as they were very tired.

All of the sudden, Mark jumped up and started running quickly. A little time later, he noticed that he had moved away from his friends and he realized that he had to get back. However, the jungle was thick and he was thousands of miles from their campsite. He didn’t know where he was going or what to do. He was terrified and completely miserable.

Shortly after, out of the blue, a middle-aged man appeared from the leaves. He was an explorer, as well. Mark asked him for help and he eagerly accepted to give him a hand. Fortunately, he did have a compass with him and managed to make their way to the campsite very easily.

They found Mark’s friends there, who were preparing dinner. Mark was totally overwhelmed and fantastically happy that he was back again.

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