Wednesday, August 8, 2012

My predictions for the future! :)

The future is usually unpredictable, but people have always been searching for ways to learn more about it. In this post, I’m going to introduce my ideas- or “predictions” if you prefer- about what the future will be like. So, in my view:

v By the year 2040, the Earth’s temperature will have risen by about  5 degrees
v Education will have developed and instead of books, students will use laptops or tablets.
v By the year 2080, most of the ice on the Earth will have melted.
v People will live longer, because medicine will have improved.
v  Domestic robots will help with the housework :P
v People will have resided on the moon.
v By the year 3000, we will have discovered life on Mars, Venus or another planet.
v In the very distant future, we will have traveled to the whole universe.
v If we don’t do something for the environment, life will have vanished from our planet by the year 4000.

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