Saturday, October 27, 2012

Film review


Jumanji is an adventure fantasy film directed by Joe Johnston and written by Jonathan Hensleigh and Greg Taylor. This movie is a bout two kids who are trapped in an old board game, called Jumanji, and after a decade are released into the real world. Then they have to face all the dangerous creatures, which are also released from the game on the city, and this can be achieved only if they manage to finish Jumanji.

The special effects are really spectacular, since very original and impressive techniques are used. In some sequences you even feel that the animals are coming out of the screen and instinctively you try to protect yourself. Consequently, they are very convincing, as well.

Jumanji has additionally other good aspects. For instance, the acting is believable as Robin Williams and Kristen Dunst star and give a great performance. Furthermore, the costumes are very well-designed and imaginative and represent exactly the situation that the actors are in each scene.

Overall, I would certainly recommend Jumanji because it’s an interesting film for the whole family and has a really outstanding directing. Don’t miss it.


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