Saturday, October 27, 2012

Formal letter

Dear Mrs. Sanderson,

I am writing to give you my comments on your new teenage magazine.

Firstly, regarding if it is a good idea to be a magazine solely for teens, from my point of view, it will definitely work. The reason for this is that adolescents will stick with it, since they are very curious about fashion and body image. About how often it can be published, I think once a month is the best solution because teenagers will have enough money to afford it.

Concerning the topics that could be included. I suggest that that should be about fashion, body image and health problems. That is because many teenage girls aim to have an ideal body structure and they kid them selves that they have skin imperfections. As a result, they go on starvation diets and afterwards they look stick-thin. Furthermore, teenagers are very impressionable. Both boys and girls want to make an impression with their outfits and consequently they always follow the fashion.

Finally, as regards your TEEN HOBBIES magazine, in my opinion, it is not so successful because it has not got well-written interviews.

I hope these comments and suggestions are helpful.

Yours faithfully,
Mavradonaki Christina

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