Saturday, July 14, 2012

Funny videos of cats! :D

In this funny video there are two cats which may be in the attic. One of them tries to climb down the ladder and in order to succeed it its friend gives it a “helping” hand in fact.

This fatty cat is very scared of something and it tries to escape in a really unexpected way.


  1. Hahahaha you found the videos we saw in class! Well done Christinaki, how did you do that? I've just remembered how much fun we had! I am expecting more suggestions! :-)

  2. Both videos are very hilarious and as you may remember when we first saw them in class we couldn't stop laughing. So I decided to publish them on our blog in order to share the fun with our visitors. It wasn't difficult to find them because they aren't similar to any other funny videos, especially the first one that shows the kitten falling down of the ladder. In addition, I have already searched for new interesting suggestions and I have found and chosen two other funny videos to post on the blog. The first one shows a cute husky which can be annoying by an unusual way and the second is a video that has to do with cats again and their privacy. I'm sure that you will definitely love them! :)

  3. I can't wait to see the new videos, Christinaki! We will have a great laugh tomorrow, hehe! See you soon! :-)

  4. Hahahaha.... video is really awesome!
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