Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Cambridge Writing Part 1: Letter

Dear Robin,

Thanks for your letter. It was great to hear that you got through your final exams. I’m writing to give you all the information you need about the summer camp.

Well, I think that it would be an excellent idea to attend a sports camp in the mountains because I have always wanted to. I’m keen on basketball and I’m very good at tennis, as well, so it looks really interesting. As for our accommodation, I’d prefer to stay in rooms because I believe that they would be more spacious and more comfortable for us.

Concerning the food, here, in Greece we cook a delicious dish called Briami. It’s my favourite and it isn’t too difficult to prepare one evening. If you agree, we can try it. I have never been to Canada before so I would really like to explore the city and go sightseeing. Moreover, I’d love to go shopping for souvenirs.

I’m looking forward to your next letter, so write soon.

Best wishes,

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