Tuesday, July 24, 2012


Responding to this activity: 


Both pictures show animals relaxing.One similarity between the two pictures is that "Giant"& lions are prisoners ,which means that they belong to someone else.They  might feel badly about their prison .Another similarity between the two pictures is that they both belong to the same species , as they are mammals and felids.

In the first photo I can see a lion and a lioness that are in Barcelona. However, in the second one I can see a home-cat "THE GIANT "who lives in Mrs. Christina's house. In one photo I can see a pair of lions which might excite the visitors, but in the other I can see Giant relaxing with a catnap.

I suppose that the animals in both pictures hang out with animals of the same species , so perhaps they spend their time pleasantly !

Wild and home animals are valuable to humans in lots of ways! For example, blind people have a dog with them because they can't see. As for the elderly women, they have cats, dogs and other animals to keep them company.

This is why we MUST treat all animals in a nice way.As owners we have to feed and water them. We should treat them with a bath or a walk . In this way, humans could have had a good relationship with their pets and all the other animals .I think that this is an amazing way to communicate and treat all animal species!!!!

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  1. Well done Rafaela! I told you I was sure you are an amazing blogger!