Thursday, July 7, 2011

Why have we forgotten all about our flamingo?

This is my story you so desperately wanted to be published on your blog!

What is your opinion, my little teachers? Do you like the story?

Do you mostly identify with the lonely flamingo or the decisive shell? :-)


  1. Well, I mostly identify with the shell... I prefer getting tired of trying to be happy, instead of doing nothing..However, everybody needs to be alone sometimes...

  2. That is so true, Nassoula! i wonder what the other girls think about it!

  3. Christina, I like so much your fairytale, because it is enjoyable and educating. In addition to this, your photos help us to imagine where you have gone and ran into these wonderful and rare animals as a flamingo.

    Of course, the shell lives almost everywhere,but not on the wet or hot sand. This phenomenon seems to be unusual, that is why that shell shows so extra-ordinary and brave.

    I think that I mostly identify with the decisive shell, because life is a wonderful gift which we do not have to trivialize. I believe in friendship, so I am fond of hanging out with my friends and making new friends. I cannot imagine my lifeto be lonely.

    Nevertheless, I sometimes need to be alone as to think clearly about my future or lay off , reading a interesting book or writing my thoughts. Of course, I always insist on defending that human beings are by nature social and political animals, as Aristotle said.

    Kisses and hugs!!!