Friday, July 29, 2011

A letter to the editor of a newspaper!

Dear Editor,

I am writing regarding an article I read in your newspaper about pop music. The writer stated that pop music is becoming uninteresting and pop stars only like making money. Personally, I agree with that opinion.

Some groups, like Smashed, for example, only want to be popular in the world without making any effort. Their lead singer has an awful voice and the musicians do not play their instruments properly.

In addition to that, some singers that do not belong to groups, such as Lady Gaga, want to be famous instead of being creative. Lady Gaga uses the computer to make her voice sound nice, but actually, she is not talented at all. She only cares about her public image, like what to wear when she makes her next appearance.

In conclusion, I strongly believe that artists nowadays care about what other people think of them instead of trying to be successful in good ways.

Yours faithfully,

Athanasia Tournaki

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  1. A huuuuge bravo to you Nassia for all the new posts! Glad you like blogging so much!