Monday, July 1, 2013


Vegetarianism is becoming more & more popular with the younger generations. Approximately 2 million teenagers prefer vegetables to meat . As we know, a proper nutrition is necessary to everyone in the whole world , therefore we have to pay more attention to our eating choices . It is said that a vegatarian diet is the key to a healthy life . However, some people say that humans are not herbivores , so they have to eat meat, as well. Who is right? Is a vegetarian diet complete? Can it fulfill all the nutritional requirements of the body? The serious benefits and the tremendous drawbacks of being a vegetarian should be considered.

  First & foremost, vegetarians eat nuts, pulses, cereal, beans, grains in  musli, wholemeal flour,vegetables & fruits. Vegetables & fruits provide vitamins & minerals that are essential for our healthy body & they provide natural sugars, beneficial enzymes & elements. Green leafy  vegetables are a rich source of antioxidants . Moreover, vegetarianism can reduce the possibilities of developing te health problems caused by obesity . A vegetarian diet is also helpful for weight loss, since it lowers the blood cholesterol & decreases the risk of various and evil diseases , such as high blood pressure , osteoporosis & cancer . Vegetarians have a better digestive system than a meat-eater .
   On the other hand, a vegan diet is found to be low in proteins, calcium, vitamin B12 & iron . Vitamin B12 is found in meat products, fortified cereals & animal products . Meat is considered as the major source of vitamin B12 .Additionally, children who were raised as vegans will not get enough nutrients especially iron , vitamin D & B12 .Last but not least, protein plays an important role in any diet . It not only serves as a source of energy, but also as a bulding block to keep the body healthy . It is a nutrient that provides amino acids, which help repair injuries, such as cuts on the skin.
   Although there are certain advantages, vegetarianism entails  a number of serious disadvantages. Personally, I think that exaggeration is not the proper thing to do. So you can be a vegetarian, but not a vegan or you can be a meat-eater, but not with exaggeration. 


  1. You deserve a huge bravo, Rafaela! You are an amazing blogger! Just take a quick look at some tiny spelling mistakes I have corrected. See you soon! :-)

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