Sunday, July 7, 2013

Essay on vegetarianism :)

More and more people are deciding to quit consuming meat and other animal products and become vegetarians instead. Recent estimates suggest that the number of those people has grown greatly over the last few years. This alternative diet is particularly popular with youngsters and young adults, who are fond of the environment and defend the animals’ rights. Although there are some drawbacks to being a vegetarian, no one would deny that there are also some tremendous benefits.

To begin with, people who choose to follow a vegetarian diet tent to be generally healthier and slimmer than those who have a regular diet. The main reason is that their diet consists mainly of fruit and vegetables, which are essential for the proper development of our body. Furthermore, by choosing to become vegetarians, we lessen the chances of developing heart diseases or irregularities and even cancer later in our lives, as well as numerous other ailments. Last but not least, a diet as such can be almost equivalent to an ordinary one and the myths concerning the lack of proteins or iron it can cause can easily be proven wrong by combining the right foods.

However, we cannot deny the disadvantages of vegetarianism. First of all, there are very few vegetarian foods and goods available at local markets and they are quite difficult to find in shops. As a result, people with this kind of diet have to prepare their meals themselves, which can be inconvenient for those with a busy lifestyle. What is more, it is unhealthy for the children of vegans (extreme vegetarians who refuse to consume not only meat, but other animal products, as well) to follow in their parents footsteps, as they need dairy products (especially milk) and eggs, in order to be normally developed. The more their diet lacks of those, the worse their nutrition is.

On balance, I strongly believe being a vegetarian can have an extremely positive effect on our lives. Despite that, eating meat is a natural human behavior and we are not obliged to give that up, but consume it in moderation. Vegetarianism is simply a matter of choice.

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