Sunday, August 7, 2011


After we’d finished the project on the environment at school, I knew I had to start recycling. We had learnt a lot during the project. We should recycle because when we do, less rubbish goes to landfills and less rubbish gets burned, so we don’t need to burn fossil fuels. This way, we save energy and we prevent air pollution. I didn’t know that until we did this project. I used to throw paper, plastic and glass in regular bins.

I decided to change. I started recycling as much as possible. I recycled paper, some plastics, glass and aluminium. I didn’t throw away electricl devices like mobiles. I gave them away or I threw them in the special bins.

I was quite easy. The most difficult thing to do was to remember to recycle.

It was a nice try! I felt very proud of myself. Now, I believe that if everyone recycled, our planet would be a better place to live in!

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