Tuesday, August 9, 2011

My impressions!:)

Today we had a fantastic time! It was Miss Cristina’s birthday, so you know what that means! More surprises! First of all, our follower Sotiria dropped by to say ‘Hello!’ and we talked about Greece and Germany in English! That was great fun…:D! Then, two children from New Zealand (Anna and Nick) paid us a visit. We talked about sports and we played games. Their mother was there, too. Her name is Barbara and she was a teacher in our school! We were so surprised when we heard that. Mrs. Barbara was Miss Christina’s teacher when she was a student! Anyway, it was a day I’ll never forget! Too bad Rafaela wasn’t there…:(


  1. Fantastic post, Nassoula! I have already 'advertised' you on my Greek blog! Now that you've got e-pals, you'll have even more things to blog about!

  2. I also wrote a post about that amazing day, Nassia! All girls can read it and comment on it: