Saturday, June 25, 2011

In this post, I'd like to talk about summer lessons....Some people say that it's very hard to have lessons during the summer, because it's the end of schools, so children rest...I disagree!I believe that they're very fun!In my English school, we always enjoy having lessons.
We tell jokes, we laugh, we play games and there are a lot of surprises,too!!!Our books are fantastic!!!They're interesting and exciting...
I don't have anything else to say.I just hope we have an amazing summer!

P.S.:Our next post will be about our first Project "My Youth Club"...All YOU have to do is wait......! :D


  1. dear NanTourn,
    I respect your opinion and from one side you are right.Doing summer lessons is a way to not get bored but i think that if you do summer lessons you have less time to play with your friends or go to the beach for example.For addition, my opinion is that young children must not do summer lessons because they are not morally ready.They are too young until the age of thirteen to do summer lessons because in that age they want to play with other kids or go for a walk etc.
    Maybe we are both right but each person has his own opinion

  2. I am so glad, Nassia, that you feel this way! Yes, summer lessons can be tiring, but with that kind of motivation and good will, the teachers and the students can't wait for the next lesson to start! Tomorrow I will have more surprises for all of you, so be ready! :-)

  3. Dear NasTourn,

    I strongly believe that doing english lessons in summer is very tough, especially for teenagers who have to hang out with their friends and enjoy summer holidays. To be honest, when I was young, I loathed attending summer lessons especially...summer english lessons.

    However, Christina is a wonderful english teacher , very hard-working. Her courses are also amusing and enjoyable. That is why I cannot hide that I am a bit jealous.

    My best wishes for a joyful...english summer!! Kisses and hugs!

  4. Nassia, this is Sotiria, the teacher and blogger we were talking about in the lesson today!

    Sotiria, as you can understand, Nassia wants to know everything about her followers, hehe!

    Yes, summer lessons can be tough because students need to study and attend lessons, but they are also an interesting free-time activity (don't laugh!!) if you take into consideration that going to the beach cannot occupy all the days for almost 3 months!

    Wow, what an argument! :-) Well, I have to admit that the students and I really enjoy having these lessons despite the sacrifices. The blog is excellent proof of that!

    Your turn is soon to come, my dear Sotiraki! Be ready for more learning adventures!

  5. To powerful girls:

    Nassia, Christina and Rafaela, it is nice to meet you on the Internet! :-)

    To Christina:

    My dearest Christina,

    I completely agree with you. If summer lessons are amusing and stimulating, they are an exciting free-time activity! Learning a foreign language is really interesting and useful, because you can broaden your horizons.

    I am sincerly keen on starting english lessons again, when I return in Greece. You know well that I am fond of discovering the magic of every language and culture.

    Very truly yours,