Wednesday, June 29, 2011

"Camp Rock 1"

Title of film : Camp Rock 1

Directed by : Matthew Diamond

Starring : the pop group "Jonas Brothers" and the pop singer Demi Lovato

Type of film : musical

What happens in the film? The film is about an eighteen-year-old girl who decides to make her dream come true. She spends the summer at a music camp enjoying the days of her vacation. There, she meets different personalities and makes new friends. Every day she sings and dances smiling all the time. However, one day a pop group comes to the camp in order to help. Then, Mitchie's life changes ... She falls in love with the leader of the group, but new troubles come to her life.

I really like this film because in my opinion it's absolutely brilliant and the plot is totally unexpected. It's also intriguing since the actors are all completely beleivable and the special effects very spectacular. In addition to this, I definitely recommend it as it's mainly an exciting and interesting film!


  1. That sounds exciting!!! Your comment is great!! I will watch it when I have free time!

  2. Lots of pop singers appear in this film! Superb!

  3. I have seen this movie and it is absolutely amazing!!!
    I have seen Camp Rock 2 too.. It is so much different but still amazing!!

  4. This film is really touching, too ! :)