Friday, October 18, 2013

Hunger and poverty

Hunger is one of the most important problems the world has to face. It cannot be accepted that there are still people who are deprived of the ability to satisfy their most essental needs, in a world where technology and scinece have helped us achieve the unachievable. Hunger is considered the most serious form of poverty. Supporting that, it is no coincidence that out of 963 million people who battle hunder daily, 947 come from developing countries with a tenuous economic system. It is sad to know that millions of people worldwide suffer from a wide variety of problems caused by famine. This is the reason why it is inportant that something be done to help those in need.

A lot of problem in people's health are said to be caused by under-nurishment. Growth can be stunted and it can affect the way we think and act. Adding to that, it is a known reason for the development of mental retardation. As far as the economy is concerned, hunger can have tremendous repercussions on it as it consumes a lot of time and energy, thus leavig people with less time for work and earning an appropriate income. Concerning its social  consequences, it can influence people's relations as it feeds shame, so most hungry people are prevented to seek help.

It is clear that something needs to be done in order to come to aid of those people who lack a proper nutrition. To begin with, it is vital that we continue raising funds and awareness, as we cannot defeat hunger if we do not battle poverty, as well, since the two are so interrelated. Furthermore, we can create adequate job vacancies and offer incentives, so that low wage people manage to make enough money to look after their families. Another feasible solution would be to distrivute land and crop seeds to under-developed areas to urge the locals to cultivte their own land.

Concluding, I believe that famine is a formidable issue that has to be tackled in order for the world to go forward. Were we to alleviate the situation of those in hunger, the benefits to be reaped would be innumerable. 


  1. That is a complete essay Nassia, full of amazing words! Well done! It would surely get a very high passing grade.

  2. Very good essay. I really liked it. Grade B at least!