Thursday, September 8, 2011

How to make your own games

What do you do in your free time? Of course some of you ,watch TV or play video games . If it is too boring, would you like to do something more interesting? All of you have wild imagination ,so you can make your own games!

Lisa Green ,who's 35 years old ,has been making her own games since she was 5 .I asked her How she started that hobby.She told me that she didn't like the games which other children play, so she started to make her own games. Then ,I asked her If it was difficult to make her own games. She told me that it wasn't difficult and,If you had imagination ,you would be a very good player too.

Lisa yesterday invented a new game which is called table tennis with hand .You paint a court of table tennis , then you take the ball and throw it to the other. If you want to use a net make one! Isn't it a fantastic game ?

With a bit practise, you'll be make your own games in no time !!


  1. Super post, Rafaela! I knew you are a fantastic blogger at heart! Keep blogging and millions of points are waiting for you! :-)

    Say hi to the future blogger of the school, Marinos!

    1. 2013! Marinos is a "present" blogger now!! It is very thrilling, isn't it!!

  2. That sounds very interesting, Raffaela!! I think that you have really wild imagination!!!!